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Analog Communications Training System
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Analog Communications Training System



The Analog Communications Training System consists of six instructional modules supported by six instrumentation modules. Correlated student manuals guide students through hands-on learning exercises. Individual system modules offer applications in the generation, transmission, and reception of amplitude, double sideband, single sideband, frequency, and phase (AM, DSB, SSB, FM, and PM) modulated signals. To complete these exercises, a dual-trace oscilloscope is required (purchased separately). The Dual Trace Oscilloscope, Model 797, is recommended.

Fault switches are provided in each instructional module. They enable malfunctions to be inserted by the instructor to develop and enhance the troubleshooting skills of students. Faults can be used while students train on the individual modules, or troubleshooting can be expanded to the communications system when the modules are interconnected. A door on the top of each instructional module provides access to circuit boards, test points, and fault insertion switches.

List of equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Cables and Accessories 8948
1 Power Supply / Dual Audio Amplifier 9401
1 Dual Function Generator 9402-1
1 Frequency Counter 9403
1 True RMS Voltmeter / Power Meter 9404-1
1 Spectrum Analyzer 9405
1 RF/Noise Generator 9406
1 AM/DSB/SSB Generator 9410
1 AM/DSB Receiver 9411
1 SSB Receiver 9412
1 Direct FM Multiplex Generator 9413
1 Indirect FM/PM Generator 9414
1 FM/PM Receiver 9415-1
1 Instrumentation (Student Manual) 26866
1 Analog Communications (Instructor Guide) 26866-1
1 AM / DSB / SSB (Student Manual) 26867
1 FM / PM (Student Manual) 26868

Additionally required equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Dual Trace Oscilloscope 797-2

Analog Communications Training Systems
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