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Microcontroller System Development
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Microcontroller System Development



The Microcontroller System Development course provides a comprehensive hands-on coverage of the terminology, principles, and applications of microcontroller programming.

Students learn basic programming using FlowCode™ and microcontroller hardware. This module features a USB programmable PIC microcontroller; on-board peripherals include LEDs, switches, 7-segment single or QUAD display, LCD display, keypad, light sensor, variable voltage source for A/D acquisition, and Vernier™ sensors inputs. An extension surface expands the capabilities of this module for breadboarding or for a wide range of projects using optional E-Blocks™. The module can either be used with the FACET base unit or as a stand-alone trainer.

This board is available in the following language variants:

• English variant: 91030-20

• French variant: 91030-21

• Spanish variant: 91030-22

Topic Coverage

  • Inputs and Outputs, Digital vs Analog, Clocking
  • 16F877A Architecture, Memory
  • Programming, Display a Message, Calculations, Input Conditioning, Decisions and Macros
  • The 7-Segment Display
  • String Variables and ASCII Code

Optional Equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 FlowCode (single user) 48107
1 Microcontroller System Development - eSeries 91030-E
1 Microcontroller System Development - Stand-Alone 91030-G


Product Fixes

Microcontroller System Development 5.00.01 to 5.00.02

Microcontroller System Development
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