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Dual-Trace Oscilloscope, 30MHz
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Dual-Trace Oscilloscope, 30MHz



The Dual-Trace Oscilloscope is an economical and highly reliable solid-state instrument, ideal for general-purpose use in laboratory and training applications. Using the Dual-Trace Oscilloscope, students can measure the phase difference between waveforms using the X-Y operation mode, and video signals can be measured quickly with the special TV sync separation circuit. The Dual-Trace Oscilloscope includes CH1, CH2, CHOP, and ALT display modes. An operation manual, a fuse, a power cord, and two low capacitance probes are provided with the oscilloscope.

Features & Benefits

  • 15.2 cm (6 in) rectangular CRT display with internal graticule
  • Stable, low-drift design
  • TV sync separation circuit
  • X-Y capabilities
  • Sensitivity: 1 mV/div
  • Accuracy: ±3%

Dual Trace Oscilloscope, 20 MHz
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