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CNC Mill Software
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CNC Mill Software



This CNC Mill Software is a 32-bit software that runs under Windows® 7, Windows® 8, and Windows® 10. It features a parametric-based graphical tool editor, a 3D Tool Path Emulator, and an easy-to-use graphical interface. The software can import NC part programs created with other CAM programs that support the G and M codes.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides G and M code programming
  • Editor printout of part program
  • Part program error-checking using a syntax parser
  • Fast syntax verification with line highlighting to speed part program debugging
  • Parametric, graphical view tool editor with support for 20 tools
  • Full G and M code help with graphical display and example code
  • Serial and Ethernet download support for the Automation CNC mills, Models 5400 and 5600
  • Full 3D Tool Path Emulator with wireframe user-defined 3D perspective featuring:
    • Top, front, side, and oblique standard views
    • Part rotation and camera positioning for better emulation viewing
    • Zoom in/zoom out capability
    • Tool radius display during emulation
    • Editor line highlighting while emulating part program to track progress
    • Active display of X, Y, and Z axes coordinates
    • Display of current tool
    • Display of current G and M codes
    • Display of current feed rate and spindle speed
    • Simulation of current solenoid and I/O port activity
    • Real-time estimation of machining time
  • AutoCAD DXF file import function featuring:
    • Ten layers with independent feed, tool, speed, and depth settings
    • Support for LINE, MLINE, LWPOLYLINE, POINT, CIRCLE, and ARC entities
    • Output of the same layer at separate depths to allow multi-pass engraving

List of equipment

DescriptionSystem Number
CNC Mill Software - 1 User 5660
CNC Mill Software - 5 Users 5660-A
CNC Mill Software - 10 Users 5660-B
CNC Mill Software - 15 Users 5660-C
CNC Mill Software - 20 Users 5660-D
CNC Mill Software - 25 Users 5660-E
CNC Mill Software - 30 Users 5660-F
CNC Mill Software - 35 Users 5660-G
CNC Mill Software - 40 Users 5660-H


CNC Mill Software
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