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eLearning Courses
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eLearning Courses



The book-based courseware for many training systems are also available in eLearning format for users who prefer a computer-based approach. Each site-license eLearning course is intended to be used with its corresponding training system. The eLearning content presents units, exercises, and exercise procedures with enhanced graphics and/or animations to improve comprehension of the book-based content. Student manuals and instructor guides are incorporated into menu trees and accessible based on user rights. In most courses, the presentation of technical content is accompanied by voice-over narration to minimize the amount of on-screen reading.

This datasheet lists all currently available eLearning courses. Each is available in three learning platforms:

• eSeries: this format is implemented using the MindSight eLearning System.

• SCORM: this format is SCORM-based, and designed to be hosted by a third-party, SCORM 1.2 compliant management system.

• Stand-Alone: this format is available on CD-ROM. It runs on a web browser and does not require any management system. (Note: student data, navigational tracking, and the saving of assessments are not available without an LMS. All user data is lost upon exiting the Stand-Alone curriculum.)

List of equipment

DescriptionSystem Number
AC & DC Circuit Fundamentals - eSeries 0
Rigging - eSeries 0
TP 501 - Basic Level: Basic training in hydraulics - eSeries 0
TP 101 – Basic level: Basic pneumatics training - eSeries 0
TP 601 - Basic level: Basic training in electrohydraulics - eSeries 0
TP 201 – Basic level: Basic electropneumatics training - eSeries 0
Advanced PLC Training System (Siemens) - eSeries 0
Variable-Frequency Drives - eSeries 0
Advanced PLC Training System (Rockwell Automation) - eSeries 0
Grid-Tie Training System - eSeries 46546-E
Nacelle Operation and Maintenance - eSeries 46547-E
Solar Thermal Energy Training System - eSeries 46548-E
Grid-Tied Systems for Simulator - eSeries 46549-1
Solar/Wind Energy Training System - eSeries 46549-E
Grid-Tied Systems with Simulator - eSeries 46549-J
Mechanical Training System - eSeries 46649-E
Pumps Training System - eSeries 46749-E
Piping Fundamentals - eSeries 46759-E
Industrial Wiring Training System - eSeries 46849-E
Preparatory Electricity & Electronics Training System - eSeries 48810-E
Complete FACET Module Curriculum Bundle (All 29 modules) - eSeries 94600-E
Industrial Controls Training System - eSeries 3161-E
Industrial Controls Training System and Simulation Software - eSeries 3161-J
Electromechanical Training System - eSeries 8980-E
DC and AC Power Circuits Training System - eSeries 21001-E
Radar Training System - eSeries 9670-E
Programmable Logic Controller - Basic Programming - eSeries 3280-E
Refrigeration Training System - eSeries 3490-E
Advanced Hydraulics - eSeries 6386-1
Hydraulics Fundamentals - eSeries 6386-E
Advanced Pneumatics - eSeries 6486-1
Pneumatics Fundamentals - eSeries 6486-E
Software Package for AMS 21017-E
Temperature Processes - eSeries 46944-E
Pressure, Flow, and Level Processes - eSeries 46977-E


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