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Applied Robotics eSeries
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Applied Robotics eSeries



In Applied Robotics, students discover the impact of automation on modern manufacturing and learn to implement robotic systems, using three types of robots, conveyance systems, and feeders.

List of equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
4 Work Surface - Large 46604
1 Manufacturing Applications Applied Robotics SW/Manual package 88751
1 Belt Conveyor 5118
1 Gravity Feeder for Square Parts 5119
1 Robot Controller 5221
1 Servo Robot 5250-A
1 RoboCIM 5250 Software (Domestic Market) - 10 Users 5251-B
1 Accessories for Servo Robot 5259
1 Introduction to Robotics (Student Manual) 34175
1 Introduction to Robotics (Instructor Guide) 34175-1
1 Servo Robot System (User Guide) 34175-E
1 RoboCIM 5250 Software (User Guide) 37864-E
1 Manufacturing Applications Applied Robotics (Instructor Guide) 37177-R
1 Manufacturing Applications Applied Robotics (Activity Guide) 37177-S


Applied Robotics eSeries
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