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Engineering & Stress Analysis eSeries
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Engineering & Stress Analysis eSeries



Building structures that are strong, safe, and long-lasting requires engineers to create designs that incorporate the theories of stress analysis. In this course, students examine the loads that are put on structures, the properties of different building materials, and the designs of different structural members. They apply what they’ve learned by designing and testing bridges in the stress analyzer.

Students begin by learning the types of structures and their components, and the forces that act upon them. They also study the principles of size, shape, strength, and deflection of construction beams under load. For one of the hands-on experiences, students use a stress analyzer to test the stress and deflection of a structure. They also design objects, build them with balsa wood, and test the efficiency of these creations.

In the later segments of this module, students design, build, and test more complex structures. These activities help them realize their design skills and their abilities to put engineering principles to work. As a result, they look at buildings, bridges, and other structures with a much more knowledgeable perspective.

The following items are included within this model:

• Stress Analyzer with Control software

• Portable construction caddy with chopper with tool storage compartment and attached cutter

• Three-dimensional model-building software

• Scissors, protractor, low-temperature glue gun, Roman arch kit, Phillips head screwdriver, polyfoam sample, taper file and handle, material samples kit, flat washers, hex screw, spring scales, construction adhesive glue, straight pins, balsa wood of various sizes, household twine, craft and glue sticks, quadrille paper, note pads, construction paper, rubber bands

• Headphones with two-way adapter

• Course plaque, and mouse pad

Topic Coverage

  • Discuss the concepts of equilibrium, stress, strain and deflection, Hooke’s Law, tension and compression, elongation and shortening, shear and torsion, beam bending and deflection, fatigue and buckling, and the Finite Element Method (FEM) as applied to the construction of buildings and bridges.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of size, shape, strength and deflection of construction beams under load.

List of equipment

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1 Workstation Package 40016 35445-7
1 Consumables 40016 42416-1
1 STEM Engineering & Stress Analysis Elearning 43016
1 Engineering and Stress Analysis (Instructor Guide) 37650-R

Engineering & Stress eSeries
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