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Process Supports (Pressure/Flow/Level) - Add-on, 2nd team
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Process Supports (Pressure/Flow/Level) - Add-on, 2nd team



The Process Supports models are packages containing a subset of the following elements: various process struts, a storage rack to store up to four optional flange tops, a long wire duct, a hose storage rack, and other assorted items.

The different variations are designed to account for the possibility of having two teams on the same station and to avoid redundancy of equipment such as the storage rack.

Available Process Supports:

• 46991-C Process Supports (Pressure/Flow/Level/Temperature)

• 46991-D Process Supports (Temperature)

• 46991-E Process Supports (Pressure/Flow/Level) - Add-on

• 46991-G Process Supports (Pressure/Flow/Level) - Add-on for 2nd team

Process Supports (Pressure/Flow/Level) - Add-On, 2nd Team
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