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Radar Level Transmitter (HART)
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Radar Level Transmitter (HART)



The Radar Level Transmitter is a level measurement device using electromagnetic waves to detect the level of liquid in the column of the Pressure, Flow, Level, and Temperature Process Training Systems. The Radar Level Transmitter includes a horn antenna to direct the signal and a transmitter supporting either the HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus communication protocols. The device can be configured manually via its alphanumeric display and push-buttons, but as it is difficult to efficiently program the transmitter's advanced functions on the device's display, acquiring a Software Configurator (Model 46982) is required.

The Radar Level Transmitter is a noncontact sensor, in the industry it is usually used in corrosive environments. Changes in the density, conductivity, and composition of the process fluid do not affect this sensor.

Available Radar Level Transmitters:

• 46931-0: Radar Level Transmitter (HART)

• 46931-A: Radar Level Transmitter (FOUNDATION Fieldbus)

Radar Level Transmitter (Hart)
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