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Electrical Pitch Hub Training System
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Electrical Pitch Hub Training System



Maintaining and operating wind turbines requires essential technical and troubleshooting skills. The Wind Turbine Hub Training Systems provide hands-on training in real-world operation and maintenance situations, allowing students to acquire the skills and training necessary to work as wind turbine technicians. Two Wind Turbine Hub Training Systems are available:

• Electrical Pitch Hub Training System, Model 46123

• Hydraulic Pitch Control Training System, Model 46124

Both of these systems allow interconnection with the Nacelle Training System, Model 46122. They feature all the components typically found in the hub of a commercial wind turbine, as well as a representation of the wind turbine blade. Each hub training system addresses blade pitch control and emergency back-up systems using the appropriate technologies typical to their respective electrical or hydraulic pitch control systems. A Siemens PLC controls the different functions of the hubs and is located in a transparent electrical enclosure, with all the other electrical components.

The Electrical Pitch Hub Training System features the following:

• A fully operational single-blade positioning system

• Blade movement actuated by a servo motor and a gearbox

• An electrical panel with servo motion controller, programmable logic controller (PLC), contactors, breakers, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

• A Human-Machine Interface to control the system

• An emergency push button to stop the trainer in case of emergency

• A protective guard for safe operation

Features & Benefits

  • Replicates a typical hub to prepare students for real work situations
  • Integrates modern industrial components
  • Includes a fault panel to teach troubleshooting
  • Completely safe operation
  • Fully operational single-blade positioning system. Degree markings are displayed with the blade representation to visually monitor the actual blade position.
  • A Human Machine Interface (HMI) is provided to control and monitor the blade movement and the training system

Topic Coverage

  • Introduction to Energy Production with Wind Power
  • Machine Safety
  • SCADA Introduction
  • Rotor
  • Electric Pitch Control Operation
  • Electrical System
  • Back-up Power
  • Troubleshooting


Electric Pitch Hub Training System
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