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Programmable Logic Controller



The Programmable Logic Controller enables students to acquire the skills required to operate and program modern PLC-controlled systems.

The Programmable Logic Controller is based on the latest Allen-Bradley® MicroLogixTM 1100 controller and is fully supported by instructional material. PLC programming is achieved using the Windows®-based RSLogixTM 500 software from Rockwell Software®. Once the training program is completed, students use their newly acquired knowledge of PLC programming to achieve PLC control of various industrial applications.

The course introduces students to the Programmable Logic Controller. Students learn PLC programming basics and the most commonly used PLC instructions. PLC program editing and debugging techniques are also taught through step-by-step exercises that provide hands-on learning. All the ladder programs are entered and downloaded to the PLC using the Programmable Logic Controller Software, Model 3245-A.

Additionally required equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 PLC Software (RSLogix Micro, Educational) 3245-A
1 Communication Cable (Allen-Bradley) 3246-4
1 Personal Computer 8990
1 Programmable Logic Controller 36017
1 Programmable Logic Controller 36017-1


PLC Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1100 (EMS Version)
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