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Hydraulics Training System
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Hydraulics Training System



The Hydraulics Training System is part of a modular program in hydraulics and its applications. The Hydraulics Training System answers the needs of students in technical institutes, vocational colleges, and university engineering departments, as well as in industry. The training system encourages hands-on learning and is a great addition to any hydraulics and pneumatics lab.

The training program is divided into the following subsystems: Hydraulics Fundamentals, Electrical Control of Hydraulic Systems, Hydraulics Applications – PLC (programmable logic controller), Troubleshooting Hydraulic Circuits, Servo Control of Hydraulic Systems, and Sensors.

Features & Benefits

  • Equipment
    • Hydraulic trainer engineered for extreme ease of use and durability
    • Exceeds industrial safety standards
    • Many work surface options, including an “A” frame top to allow experiments on both sides of a bench
    • Stand-alone hydraulics reservoir for hands-on learning; the reservoir is also used as a load weight
    • Lockable storage available
    • Industrial-grade components pre-labeled with appropriate circuit symbol, providing learning reinforcement
    • Teachers can create their own circuits to reproduce specific hydraulic applications
    • Faulty component package for real-world troubleshooting
  • Curriculum
    • A simulation software program that mirrors 100% of the curriculum
    • Curriculum available in standard student activity manuals or in job-sheet format (closely representing what a student will see in industry), in PDF format on CD-ROM as a site license. A one-time purchase with no annual renewal fee allows unlimited printing
    • DVDs and transparencies are available to enhance student learning
    • Innovative approach that allows interconnection with other products, such as pneumatics, sensors, PLCs, robots, etc.
    • Realistic faulty component package instead of a simulated fault approach

Topic Coverage

  • Introduction to Hydraulics (components, circuits, laws)
  • Electrical Control of Hydraulic Systems
  • PLC-Controlled Hydraulic Applications
  • Servo Control of Hydraulic Systems
  • Sensors
  • Troubleshooting
  • Estimated Program Duration: 100 hours

List of equipment

DescriptionSystem Number
Hydraulics Fundamentals 6080-1
Electrical Control of Hydraulic Systems 6080-2
Servo Control of Hydraulic Systems 6080-4
Hydraulics Fundamentals Add-On 6080-9
Hydraulics Fundamentals (with standard bench, not assembled) 6080-A
Hydraulics Fundamentals (with lockable bench, not assembled) 6080-B
Hydraulics Fundamentals (with lockable bench, assembled) 6080-C
Hydraulics Fundamentals (with lockable bench, A-frame, not assembled) 6080-D
Hydraulics Fundamentals (with lockable bench, A-frame, assembled) 6080-E
Troubleshooting Hydraulic Circuits 6080-F
Hydraulics and Pneumatics Applications – PLC (Allen Bradley) 6082-5
Sensors Training System 6085

Optional Equipment

Qty DescriptionSystem Number
1 Extended Warranty for the Hydraulics Training System 6080-E
1 Work Surface (A-Frame) 6301-1
1 Expanding Work Surface (Large) 6302
1 Expanding Work Surface (Small) 6302-1
1 Bench (Unassembled) 6303-1
1 Dressing Panels (with Lockable Front Door) 6303-A
1 Bench (Assembled) 6303-B
1 Bench (with Dressing Panels and Lockable Front Door, Assembled) 6303-C
1 Bench (with Dressing Panels and Lockable Doors, Assembled) 6303-D
1 Bench (with Dressing Panels and Lockable Doors, Unassembled) 6303-E
1 Hose Rack 6304
1 Storage/Work Surface 6309
1 Diaphragm Accumulator 6311
1 Advanced Hydraulics - eSeries 6386-1
1 Hydraulics Fundamentals - eSeries 6386-E
1 Hydraulics Manuals in Exercise Format 30794-A
1 Hydraulics Fundamentals 30794-M
1 Electrical Control of Hydraulic Systems 31228-M
1 Hydraulics Applications - PLC 31305-M
1 Hydraulics Application - Servo-Proportional Control 31745-M
1 Sensors 32606-M
1 Hydraulics Training Systems 33561-M
1 Manuals in Job Sheet format - Hydraulics Fundamentals (includes 39888 to 39892) 39182-1
1 Hydraulics Manuals in Job Sheet Format 39888-A
1 Instructional DVD - Introduction to Fluid Power 93840-1
1 Instructional DVD - Fluid Power Technology at Work 93841-1
1 Instructional DVD - Pumps, Lines, Filters 93842-1
1 Instructional DVD - Control Mechanisms 93843-1
1 Instructional DVD - Actuators 93844-1


Hydraulics Training Systems
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