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Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)
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Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)



The Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) simulate the operation of a production line to allow students to familiarize themselves with manufacturing applications commonly encountered in modern facilities and to experience realistic industry situations.

Equipped with real-world industrial components, the FMS enables students to strengthen their understanding of a number of related technologies, including artificial vision, power electronics, automatic storage and retrieval, sensors, and wiring. All system operations are controlled using one or more PLCs with networking capabilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Simulation of the operation of a production line in a classroom laboratory
  • Modular construction
  • Latest manufacturing technology equipment
  • PLC-controlled operations
  • Banana jacks and terminal blocks available on each module
  • High-performance flat belt conveyor
  • Pneumatic-activated box feeder
  • Part feeder control via the DeviceNet network
  • Fault-insertion capabilities in all instructional modules
  • Pneumatic-activated sorting device
  • Emergency Switch Station
  • DeviceNet AC Drive
  • Allen-Bradley® CompactLogix™ L43 PLC
  • PLC compatible with DF1 Full-Duplex Serial (RS-232-C), EtherNet/IP, and DeviceNet networking
  • Relay ladder, structured text, sequential function chart, and function block diagram programming
  • Sensors mounted on a semi-flexible support
  • All modules include push-lock fasteners for easy mounting on the perforated work surface
  • Current industry software for PLC programming, HMI configuration, and DeviceNet networking
  • C pneumatic components equipped with 6.3 mm (1/4 in) quick-connect fittings

Topic Coverage

  • Introduction to Manufacturing
  • Human-Machine Interface
  • Machine Vision
  • Servo Control
  • FMS Production Line
  • Automatic Storage and Retrieval System

Optional Equipment

Qty DescriptionSystem Number
1 Color Sensor 5923
1 Signal Tower 5924
1 Storage Unit 5940
1 Air Compressor 6410-C
1 Flexible Manufacturing Systems (Manuals on CD-ROM) 38770-A
1 Work Bench for 2 Work Surfaces 46601-2
1 Work Bench for 3 Work Surfaces 46601-3
1 Add-On Support 46601-F
1 Bench for FMS (without Work Surface) 46605
1 Bench for FMS (with Cabinet) 46605-1
1 Custom Computer FMS AB 46999-1
1 Acoustic Alarm 52054
1 Automatic Storage and Retrieval System 86694-2
1 Automatic Storage and Retrieval System 86694-3


Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)
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