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InTouch Runtime (Additional License)
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InTouch Runtime (Additional License)



InTouch is a human-machine interface (HMI) suite developed by Wonderware. It is used to design graphic interfaces for the control, optimization, and management of processes. InTouch can take charge and monitor most devices including the Foxboro controller, but PLCs are not supported.

InTouch Dev Studio is a complete development environment used to design and test HMI applications and distributed control system solutions. This software supports up to a thousand device tags and also has limited runtime capabilities which are sufficient for singlenode deployment. An OPC server to exchange data with a Foxboro controller (Model 46960) is also included.

InTouch Runtime is also available to run HMI applications on a computer when no development or modification is required. The OPC Server for a Foxboro controller is included as well to communicate with the Foxboro controller.

Clients who already have InTouch might wish to obtain the database required to use the software with training equipment by acquiring Model 46969-Y. Model 46969-Z includes the Foxboro OPC server as well as the database.

Available versions:

• 46969-A InTouch Runtime (with Foxboro OPC Server)

• 46969-B InTouch Runtime (Additional License)

• 46969-C InTouch Dev Studio (with Foxboro OPC Server)

• 46969-D InTouch Dev Studio (Additional Licence)

• 46969-Y InTouch Dev Studio (Database only)

• 46969-Z InTouch Dev Studio (Database and Foxboro OPC Server)

InTouch Runtime (Additional License)
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