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Pumps Training System
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Pumps Training System



The Basic System introduces students with maintenance tasks such as pump installation, shaft alignment, wiring, operation, inspection, maintenance, troubleshooting, and component replacement. It also introduces students to the measurement of the pumping circuit parameters, pump characteristic curves, and how to use a variable speed drive. The system includes a bench, centrifugal pump with base and motor, variable speed drive, instruments, and tools. It also includes a transparent cover that allows observation of cavitation and air ingestion in the pump.

List of equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Pump Bench 46701-1
1 Pump Storage 46702
1 Pump Universal Base Assembly 46704
1 Emergency Stop Station 46705
1 Pedestal Centrifugal Pump 46720-1
1 Paddle Wheel Flowmeter (High Range) 46730-1
1 Alignment Kit (Basic) 46732
1 Pyrometer 46734
1 Clamp-On Ammeter 46735
1 Mechanical Seal Repair Kit (Pedestal Centrifugal Pump) 46740
1 Hoses and Accessories 46790-1
1 Tool Kit 46791
1 5927-1
1 Expanding Work Surface (Large) 6302
1 Storage/Work Surface 6309
1 Flow Control Valve 6421
1 Pressure Gauge (Digital, High Range) 6553-A
1 Single Pump Systems (Job Sheets - Instructor) 0
1 Single Pump Systems (Job Sheets - Student) 0


Pumps Training System
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