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Industrial Wiring Training System - Level 2



The Industrial Wiring Training System - Level 2 adds on to Level 1 to provide training in motor control equipment installation as well as a solid introduction to the maintenance of industrial electrical equipment. It consists of the following three training equipment packages: Three-Phase Motor Starters, AC Motor Drive, and DC Motor Drive.

Two optional industrial application packages, the Inertia Load and the Blower Application can be added to the Level 2 system to make it even more representative of the industrial environment. An optional Power Quality Clamp Meter can also be added to analyze the performance of the implemented ac motor controllers.

Topic Coverage

  • Three-Phase Motor Starters
  • AC Motor Drive
  • DC Motor Drive

List of equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Three-Phase Motor Starters 46812
1 AC Motor Drive 46813
1 DC Motor Drive 46814
1 Three-Phase Motor Starters (Work Orders - Student) 38527-6
1 Three-Phase Motor Starters (Work Orders - Instructor) 38527-7
1 AC Motor Drive (Work Orders - Student) 38528-6
1 AC Motor Drive (Work Orders - Instructor) 38528-7
1 DC Motor Drive (Work Orders - Student) 38529-6
1 DC Motor Drive (Work Orders - Instructor) 38529-7
1 DC Motor Drive (Drawing Set) 38641
1 Three-Phase Motor Starters (Drawing Set) 38696
1 AC Motor Drive (Drawing Set) 38778
1 NCCER Electrical Trainee Guide - Level 4 (Reference Book) 38927-8

Optional Equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Inertia Load 46830
1 Blower Application 46831
1 Power Quality Clamp Meter 46832-1



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