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Blower Application



The Blower Application is an optional equipment that consists of a high flow-rate blower like those used in ventilation systems of commercial and industrial buildings. The blower wheel is designed for direct coupling to the drive motor. For safety purposes, the inlet and outlet ducts of the blower are fitted with metallic screens. The outlet duct is also provided with a restriction plate that allows manual control of the air flow rate. The Blower Application includes a set of 3D drawings that shows how to assemble the unit.

When used with the AC Motor Drive training equipment package and the optional Power Quality Analyzer the Blower Application allows students to learn about the behavior of an induction motor driving a variable torque load, such as a blower, by measuring the transient (starting) and steady-state motor's parameters. Optional manipulations in the student manual supplied with the AC Motor Drive package indicate how to mechanically couple the blower to the three-phase induction motor. Optional manipulations using the Blower Application and the Power Quality Analyzer are also suggested in the instructor guide supplied with the AC Motor Drive package.

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1 Power Quality Clamp Meter 46832-1

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