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Multi-Zone Wireless Control Training Systems
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Multi-Zone Wireless Control Training Systems



The Multi-Zone Wireless Control Training Systems form a complete introduction to the multi-zone wireless control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. They cover rooftop unit and zone controllers interacting via a wireless communication protocol. This includes floating and analog control of a single-zone, as well as multi-zone control.

The training system allows students to acquire hands-on experience with industrial HVAC control equipment. Throughout the program, students connect and configure rooftop units and zone controllers. They also perform troubleshooting exercises on the training system.

The course material covers important topics related to HVAC systems, such as heating, cooling, free cooling, and ventilation.

The Multi-Zone Wireless Control Training Systems are part of the HVAC-R line of products. Three variants are available:

• Model 3467-0 is a complete training system that includes a workstation with enough space to accommodate two student groups.

• Model 3467-A is a complete training system that does not include the above-mentioned workstation. It is designed to allow a second team of students to perform exercises on the workstation provided with Model 3467-0.

• Model 3467-B is an add-on to the Electric Heating Training System, Model 3460-0. It provides to users that already have this system all the equipment necessary to complete the exercises in the Multi-Zone Wireless Control Training System, Model 3467-0, without any unnecessary duplication of equipment.

A complementary training system is also available as an add-on to any of the above Multi-Zone Wireless Control Training Systems:

• Model 3468 is an add-on that covers human-machine interfaces (HMI) with a supervisory controller connected to the training system. It also provides an introduction to lighting control and fire alarm protection in a building.

Topic Coverage

  • HVAC systems
  • Rooftop units and rooftop unit controllers
  • Floating and analog control
  • Networks
  • Communication protocols
  • Heating
  • Cooling and free cooling
  • Energy savings
  • Ventilation
  • Occupancy modes and schedules
  • Single-zone and multi-zone systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Estimated program duration: 15 hours

List of equipment

DescriptionSystem Number
Multi-Zone Wireless Control Training System 3467
Multi-Zone Wireless Control Training System (Second Team Add-On) 3467-A
Multi-Zone Wireless Control Training System (Add-On to Model 3460-0) 3467-B
Lighting and Fire Alarm Training System Add-On 3468

Optional Equipment

Qty DescriptionSystem Number
1 Electricity Fundamentals (Manuals on CD-ROM) 89688-A


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