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Refrigeration Tool Cabinet
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Refrigeration Tool Cabinet



The Refrigeration Tool Cabinet consists of a tool storage cabinet with all the tools required for to perform the exercises in the refrigeration training systems, Series 3400. The included tools and accessories are listed below:

• Different types of lever tube benders

• Set of benders

• Set of snapping bushings

• Different types of clip springs

• Snap-in bushings

• Different types of finger grip adjustable clips

• Set of crimpers

• Copper tube cutters

• Gauges

• Safety glasses

• Welding gloves

• Hacksaw

• Hammers

• Holding magazines

• L hooks

• Pegboard hooks

• Flexible drain hose

• Set of impact drivers

• Set of hexagonal keys

• Flaring and swaging tool and kits

• 2-valve manifold

• Different types of pliers

• PNL tool

• Puller fuse and gear

• Compressor oil pump

• Rack clip

• Inner-outer reamers

• Different types of screws

• Different types of screwdrivers

• Snip tins

• Measuring tapes

• Measuring tape holder

• Thermometer

• Pinch-off tool

• Flat washers

• Different types of wrenches

Tools and accessories (2 of 3)
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Tools and accessories (3 of 3)
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Tools and accessories (1 of 3)
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