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Hydraulics Training System
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Hydraulics Training System



The Hydraulics Training System from LabVolt was re-engineered and replaced by the two following Festo Didactic equipment sets in fluid power:

Click on the links for more information about these systems (topic coverage, list of components, etc.)

Please note that the legacy systems listed below are shown for information purposes only, as the new equipment sets replace them:

List of equipment

DescriptionSystem Number
Hydraulics Fundamentals 6080-1
Electrical Control of Hydraulic Systems 6080-2
Servo Control of Hydraulic Systems 6080-4
Hydraulics Fundamentals Add-On 6080-9
Hydraulics Fundamentals (with standard bench, not assembled) 6080-A
Hydraulics Fundamentals (with lockable bench, not assembled) 6080-B
Hydraulics Fundamentals (with lockable bench, assembled) 6080-C
Hydraulics Fundamentals (with lockable bench, A-frame, not assembled) 6080-D
Hydraulics Fundamentals (with lockable bench, A-frame, assembled) 6080-E
Troubleshooting Hydraulic Circuits 6080-F
Hydraulics and Pneumatics Applications – PLC (Allen Bradley) 6082-5
Sensors Training System 6085

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