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CIM Cell PLTW System without Benches
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CIM Cell PLTW System without Benches



The Computer-Integrated Manufacturing System, Model 5902, offers safe and affordable hands-on training and courseware for Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM).

List of equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
2 Work Surface - Large 46604
1 Gravity Feeder for Square Parts 5119
1 Linear Slide, Short 5209-A
1 Robot Controller 5221
1 Servo Robot 5250-A
1 Accessories for 5902 5259-A
1 Wax Milling Stock Set 5404
1 Engraving Plate Set 5407
1 CNC Mill (Heavy Duty) 5600-B
1 Quick Tool Changing System (Project Lead the Way) 5601-1
1 End Mill Set (Project Lead the Way) 5612-1
1 Engraver Tool Set for Model 5600 (Project Lead the Way) 5613-1
1 Pneumatic Vise (Heavy Duty) 5616
1 CNC Mill Software - 1 User 5660
1 Air Compressor 6410-C
1 Introduction to Robotics (Student Manual) 34175
1 Introduction to Robotics (Instructor Guide) 34175-1
1 Servo Robot System (User Guide) 34175-E
1 RoboCIM 5250 Software (User Guide) 37864-E
1 CNC Mill Software (User Guide) 36189-E
1 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Applications (Student Manual) 39468
1 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Applications (Instructor Guide) 39468-1
1 CNC Mill (User Guide) 85977-E


CIM CELL PLTW System (Benches Not Included)
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