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Festo Didactic acquires the US-Canadian company Lab-Volt
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Complete Learning Solution Based on a Unique Combination of Tools
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Electromechanical Training System
Unrivaled Training in Basic Electric Power Technology
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News: Integration of Lab-Volt and Festo Didactic

The company is very pleased to announce that Lab-Volt and Festo Didactic have signed and closed an acquisition agreement on June 20, 2014. Lab-Volt is now conducting business as Festo Didactic, part of the Festo Group. Both product portfolios of Lab-Volt and Festo Didactic will be available for our dealers and customers worldwide from one source. Through the integration of Lab-Volt and Festo Didactic the company will be able to offer a much broader range of products and services through our sales network in over 100 countries worldwide.

As a joint company, we believe that quality education is the key to building a better world. Festo Didactic is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective educational technology on a global scale. We offer turnkey training solutions that drive student learning and facilitate the educational process.

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